Ready Plumbed Modules™ Duct Panels

Pre-plumbed system

RPM ducting with sanitaryware and brassware pre-plumbed to panels annotated on a white background
RPM ducting with sanitaryware and brassware pre-plumbed to hinged and lockable access panels annotated on a white background
RPM Ducting Installation Step 1
RPM Ducting Installation  Step 2
RPM Ducting Installation Step 3

What is Bushboard's Ready Plumbed Modules™?

Delivered ready to install, each module combines a carefully selected range of sanitaryware and brassware fitted to panels and pre-assembled onto a rigid, galvanised steel frame so on-site labour is kept to a minimum and the finished look is always first class. Optional hinged and lockable access panels locked for security and designed to create quick and easy access to essential services for routine maintenance . Wall hung WCs and back-to-wall WCs are supplied separately for on-site fixing.

  1. Framing Factory assembled rigid galvanised steel frame. Integral rail for wall hung WCs.
  2. Flashgaps Supplied oversize for on-site adjustment.
  3. Panels Factory fitted access panels.
  4. Panel Docking System Panels complete with docking system for improved panel alignment.
  5. Plumbing Pre-plumbed and pressure tested where appropriate.
  6. Fittings Lift-off or optional hinged and lockable panel fittings.
  7. Tiebacks Threaded rods, lock frame to the building structure.
  8. Sanitaryware A dedicated range of sanitaryware specifically chosen and tested for Bushboard RPM units.
  9. Skirting Aluminium skirting, pre-finished in Light Grey or Dark Grey Powder Coat

Why Bushboard's Ready Plumbed Modules™?

Designed to be more cost effective than if you sourced each item separately, Bushboard Washroom’s pre-plumbed systems takes all the inconvenience out of the project meaning 50% less trades people on site saving time and money. The design and finish of the product should be second to none as all items will not leave manufacturing process without a perfect finish.

Complete your project in 3 easy steps follow our images and literature provided.

We supply: Rigid steel frame, access panels, flashgap panels, powdercoated skirting, panel fittings, pre-plumbed sanitaryware, pre-plumbed brassware

Pair with Ready Plumbed Vanity Units

Product Code: RPM_Ducting
  • 34 Laminate Colours
  • 11 Real Wood Veneers
  • 10 ColourCoat Colours
  • MFC Melamine Faced Chipboard is suitable for medium-to-light use. We recommend opting for MFC in dry areas.
  • HPL High Pressure Laminate is perfect for medium-to-heavy use in dry areas and provides a versatile solution for all sectors.
  • SGL Solid Grade Laminate can withstand heavy usage. We recommend SGL for unrivalled strength and durability, specifically in wet areas.
  • Real Wood Veneer Our Real Wood Veneers offer a captivating and luxurious appearance. Our range of Veneers are produced from only eco-responsible and sustainable forests.
  • ColourCoat ColourCoat offers striking colours that are finished to either standard or high gloss. A perfect option for giving washrooms the wow-factor.
  • More effective than if you sourced each item seperatly 
  • Ready Plumbed Modules™ Duct panels means less tradespeople on site saving money & time
  • Design & finish of the product should be second to none as all items by one supplier
  • Less packaging on site to dispose of on site
  • Zero waste to landfill