Bath Assembly (BA G)


Unassisted baths

Unassisted baths are not generally specified in clinical areas, however, they may be in exceptional circumstances, such as for older people and in maternity or dermatology departments.

According to HBN 00-10 Part C

Baths for unassisted personal bathing (that is, baths suitable for independent wheelchair users and ambulant disabled people) have no tap-holes and should be used with panel mounted mixer taps controlled by a TMV3-approved thermostatic mixing valve to avoid scalding.

British Standards recommend corner deck-mounted taps, however HBN supersedes this, stating panel mounted taps should be specified for reasons of infection control.

Typical requirements for unassisted baths are

  • Taps should have open nozzles and flow straighteners with minimal restriction.
  • The supply fitting should have a TMV3-approved thermostatic mixing valve on the hot supply or be integral to the fitting.
  • A 700–800 mm wide and 1700 mm long with a minimum 600mm internal width bath is suitable for all unassisted use.


HBN Code: BA G
  • Bathrooms
  • 700-800mm wide
  • Minimum 600mm internal width
  • 1700mm long
Bath Assembly
Bath Assembly