Basin Assemblies (LB G M, LB G L)

Ensuites, Bathrooms

Non-Clinical Wall Hung Basin

The non-clinical wall hung wash hand basin features a right hand tap hole (left hand option available) with a bottom outlet for ease of maintenance. Most commonly specified as a healthcare sanitary assembly, found in ensuites and bathrooms. HBN and HTM compliant. 

The typical wash hand basin requirements include

These basins are used for washing, therefore a bowl with a plug is recommended. Plugs should be attached to an open-link chain which should be panel mounted.

The non clinical wash hand basin generally requires basin mounted lever action taps with TMV3-approved thermostatic mixing valve and should have concealed or ducted services.

According to HBN 00-02, wheelchair-accessible wash-hand basins should be easily accessible. The basin should be as shallow as possible, not exceeding 250mm at the outlet, which should be positioned as near the supporting wall as possible.

Wheelchair accessible wash hand basins should project 500mm in order to provide adequate leg room underneath the basin for seated use.

HBN Code: LB G M, LB G L

•                 Ensuites

•                 Bathrooms

•                 Easy clean design

•                 No overflow or chain hole

•                 Bottom outlet for ease of maintenance

•                 HBN compliant

•                 HTM compliant

Basin Assemblies
Basin Assemblies