Disposal Unit Assembly (DU HS)

Dirty utility/disposal

Healthcare IPS Unit postformed Boxed Out Unit Disposal Unit with Sink and Left Hand Drainer Assembly (HBN reference: DU HS)
Healthcare IPS Traditional Boxed Out Unit Disposal Unit with Sink and Left Hand Drainer Assembly (HBN reference: DU HS)

Stainless Steel Healthcare Disposal Unit with Sink and Drainer (no tap holes)

This HBN & HTM compliant stainless steel hospital disposal unit (also known as a slop hopper) has the top turned down on all four edges and incorporates a wet area recess. A wash up bowl and drainer is positioned to the side of the sluice hopper. Unit can be mounted on either stainless steel cantilever brackets or front leg supports to give a working height of 900mm and have adjustable feet which can be screwed to the floor for extra stability.

HBN recommends

A disposal unit should be provided in clinical areas for the disposal of solid and liquid waste. Disposal units should have separate manual control of hot and cold water, and should be dispensed through lever action taps to avoid cross contamination. Taps should have an open nozzle and flow straighteners with minimal restriction. Hot taps should be at 55°c.

Healthcare IPS

Our healthcare sanitaryware is available pre-plumbed and factory tested with our two healthcare IPS unit styles. The Traditional Boxed Out Unit features sit on panels on a rigid, steel frame with large top-hinge access, or our Trust System is a laminated, post-formed wrap around box with access hatches. 


·        Dirty utility rooms

  • 110mm dia. outlet which can accept a P or S trap
Code Disposal Unit Product Description HBN Reference
G22018L or G22018R KWC DVS 1600mm Disposal Unit L/H or R/H Drainer DU HS
HC1660B110L or HC1660B110R Pland Fiji 1600mm Disposal Unit L/H or R/H Drainer
S3335MY or S3336MY Armitage Shanks Dee Disposal Unit L/H or R/H Drainer


Code Brassware Options HBN Reference
DLV095 Deva Panel Mounted Lever Action Bib Taps with 6" levers (pair)  with ZQ5567XX wall extensions (single) TB H1
2 no. AT07-049 KWC DVS Aquarius WM Panel Mounted Tap Spouts and AT07-011 Wave On/Off Sensors AT00-038 Conversion Kit to Copper Tails
S8270AA  Armitage Shanks Markwik 21+ 1/2" lever action bib taps with B1686AA Nimbus 21 Concealed bib tap wall mount (pair) and B1684AA Nimbus 21 1/2" x 100mm bib tap extensions (pair)