Janitorial Unit (JU)

Cleaners' rooms

FRANKE Stainless Steel Healthcare Janitorial Unit

Floor standing janitorial unit supplied complete with lever operated monobloc mixer, copper tails, 32mm flush grated waste outlet for top wash bowl and 38mm domed waste (for lower bowl). HTM and HBN compliant. Janitorial units are a combination of bucket sink - which is used by domestic services staff for the disposal of dirty wastewater, to clean equipment and to fill buckets for cleaning - and separate hand wash basin. These units are beneficial where space restricts the installation of 2 separate units for a sink and hand wash basin.

HBN recommends

According to HBN 00-09, all healthcare environments should provide suitable facilities for cleaning of equipment. Units such as a janitorial unit would usually be kept in a separate ancillary area such as a dirty utility or cleaners room and used by domestic staff.

HBN Code: JU

•       Cleaners rooms

•       Dirty utility

·        Fitted as a wall unit by using the joggle strip provided

Healthcare Janitorial Unit pre-plumbed on to blue panels with white background
Healthcare Janitorial Unit technical drawing pre-plumbed on to blue panels with white background