Scrub-up Trough Assemblies (SU H1, SU H2, SU H3)

Theatres, Scrub-up areas

FRANKE Stainless Steel Surgeon scrub-up unit 800mm LH Outlet

This single person surgeons scrub up trough assembly in stainless steel, with a satin polish finish comes supplied with a left hand conventional waste outlet (right hand available) in the base of the trough for surface mounting. HTM and HBN compliant.

Scrub up troughs are used by surgeons and nurses in theatres and scrub up areas to wash their hands and forearms.

HBN states, the point of discharge relative to front rim of trough is critical to ensure

  • That there is no water spillage outside the trough
  • That water falls onto the inclined surface of trough
  • That users are able to operate levers
  • That there is sufficient activity space for users to wash their hands and forearms under falling water
HBN Code: SU H1, SU H2, SU H3

·        Theatres

·        Scrub-up areas

  • Fixed to the wall using joggle strips
Scrub-up Trough Assemblies
Scrub-up Trough Assemblies