Staff areas, Public areas, Patient WCs, Ensuites

Back to wall rimless raised height toilet for ambulant and semi-ambulant users

HBN and HTM compliant. Back to wall pans are fixed to the floor, allowing for a quick and easy installation, suitable for concealed cisterns.

The typical requirements for a healthcare WC include

Assisted WCs are suitable for wheelchair and assisted use throughout a hospital or healthcare environment.

HBN 00-10 Part C recommends a pan length of 700 mm for wheelchair and assisted use. Approved Document M and British Standards 8300 recommend a 750 mm long toilet pan for independent wheelchair transfer.

WCs should be rimless, back to wall or wall hung and be tested up to 400kg. Bushboard’s ready plumbed modules are factory tested up to 400kg, guaranteeing patient safety.

In a disabled toilet, the toilet seat should contrast visually with the background wall and floor finishes against which it is being viewed. Bushboard offer a standard NHS blue or grey seat.

HBN Code: WC H

•                 Staff Areas

•                 Public Areas

•                 Patient WCs

•                 Ensuites

•                 Easy clean design

•                 Ambulant height

•                 Rimless flushing

•                 Concealed services

•                 No seat cover

•                 No more than 6L full flush

•                 HBN compliant

•                 HTM compliant