Perimeter Bench

3 slat changing room bench

Perimeter bench with ash wood slats, black powdercoated steel framework and adjustable feet. Slats are available in a range of lengths (1000mm, 1300mm, 1800mm or 2500mm) and can be cut to size and finished on-site for maximum flexibility. Perimeter benching can be specified as cantilever or with legs. 

Product Code: Perimeter_Bench
  • Bench Slats: Ash Wood
  • Legs and Frame: Black Powdercoated Steel
  • Coat Hook Colour Options: Dark Grey or Light Grey
  • Length Options: 1300mm, 1800mm or 2500mm
  • Total Width: 300mm
  • Total Height: 450mm
  • Ash Wood
  • Black Powdercoated Steel
  • Dark Grey or Light Grey
Ash wood 3 Slat Perimeter Bench with dark grey Nylon coated galvanised Steel framework