Create an NBS specification in seconds

Your bespoke K32, N10 and N13 washroom specifications at your fingertips

Here at Bushboard Washrooms, we have just spent the last 14 months perfecting a tool to enable you to write an NBS specification in seconds.

The Washroom Specification Tool is a free service designed to let you create your project, add K32, N10 and N13 specifications to the project and print or download in NBS specification format.

Multiple washrooms on multiple floors and buildings can be specified in minutes. Not only that, our intuitive tool will instantly link the NBS Clauses for you.

Whether you're specifying washrooms for schools, offices, leisure centre or commercial offices, our Washroom Specification Tool will enable you accurately choose the correct products and configurations and save you time.


Specify your K32, N10 and N13 washroom specifications here


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