There are lots of things to consider when designing your new toilets. Whether you are refurbishing your existing washroom or planning a new build, there are lots of Duct panel / IPS options out there so it can be daunting! This blog will take you through the various options available to you when choosing your Duct Panel System.

What is a Washroom Duct Panel System or IPS?

Before we jump into the detail let’s start by explaining what a duct panel system does and also clarify what other names you might see the product called.

Duct panels are used in washrooms to hide pipework and services, such as concealed cisterns, while still providing easy access for either routine or emergency maintenance.  At Bushboard we refer to the panels as Duct Panels, but you may also see them referred to as IPS which can stand for either Integrated Panelling System or Integrated Plumbing System depending on whether the manufacturer pre-plumbs sanitary ware and brass ware.


Choosing the right materials for your ducting is important for longevity. The location’s usage and cleaning regime can be a big factor in deciding this.


For dry areas with light traffic then Melamine Faced Chipboard (referred to as MFC) is the most cost effective option. You must ensure a controlled cleaning regime is implemented to make sure the toilet cubicle wall panels are not left wet. MFC has a chipboard core and therefore is usually the chosen material for many for flash gaps as it can be cut to  size on site easily.


For areas that are not used as wet areas but have reasonably intense use then High-Pressure Laminate (referred to as HPL) is a great choice. The high pressure laminating process of the material means that it produces a water-resistant laminate face. This means that any accidental splashes will not cause any damage to the duct panels.


When it comes to washrooms that are very high use or that may suffer abuse, as well as wet areas then Solid Grade Laminate (SGL), also known as Compact Grade Laminate (CGL), is the material to opt for. SGL is impervious to liquid meaning it is the perfect solution for changing room shower areas and healthcare. For busy locations this material is durable and tough enough to withstand high amounts of traffic and also potential vandalism.

If you want more information about each material then check out our Materials Blog.

Duct Panel Framing System

There are various framing options available to you depending on budget and fit-out requirements.

Integrated Plumbing System

An integrated plumbing system, also known as IPS panels, comes complete with frame, access panels, flashgap panels, sanitaryware and brassware which is all pre-assembled prior to delivery and arrives on site ready to install. Choosing an IPS panel system will save time. Sanitaryware is pre-fitted and tested in a factory environment meaning that when it arrives on site all that is left to do is the final connections.

For example, Bushboard’s Ready Plumbed Modules require 50% less trades people and is 40% quicker to install than traditional duct panel systems. By needing less man power IPS panels create big cost savings. It can also save time and money at the design stage as there will be no need for much organisation and planning as everything you need can be purchased from one place and delivered on one delivery rather than purchasing all the items needed individually.

View our video here to see how much time you can save with our Ready Plumbed Modules.

Ready Plumbed Duct Panels Exploded

Framed Duct System

A framed system has most of the features and benefits as an integrated plumbing system (IPS) but instead the sanitaryware and brassware is supplied by you to be fitted on site. This is usually a good choice if opting for a toilet refurbishment and want to reuse existing sanitaryware to save costs.

Bushboard’s Ezeeduct system comprises of duct panels pre-fitted to a rigid aluminium frame. You can choose the type of access you will need for the sanitaryware you have chosen and we will supply the panels to suit.

Ezeeduct Duct Panel System Exploded

Panel Only Duct System

With a panel only option you will be supplied with just the toilet cubicle wall panels and fittings to make them accessible in whichever way you choose. Sanitaryware and brassware will not be supplied and appropriate timber framing will need to be built for the panels.

Panel Only Duct Panels

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