What are toilet cubicles?

Toilet cubicles are small enclosed private areas within washrooms containing a toilet. From offices and shopping centres to primary schools, washrooms make integral parts of any environment. Due to the diversity of these environments, toilet cubicles and washrooms must be made to suit specific requirements. Here at Bushboard Washrooms, we provide our clients with a vast range of washroom designs, materials and sizes to suit every unique specification.

What materials can be used for toilet cubicles/washrooms?

Toilet cubicles are constructed from a variety of materials according to factors such as budget, style requirements and size. The most effective materials for cubicles are made from SGL, HPL and MFC. 

SGL (Solid Grade Laminate), also known as Compact Grade Laminate, is a tough and durable material, often referred to as ‘bulletproof’ here at Bushboard. Its water-resistant and wipe-clean property makes it an ideal choice for wet environments such as swimming pools. Due to being tough and durable, it is also recommended for high traffic, demanding environments like service stations or schools.


HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) consists of laminate faces and moisture-resistant chipboard at its core. This material gets its name from the high-pressure laminating process involved in its production. It is less water-resistant than SGL but retains a high level of durability. Therefore, it is ideal for dry environments such as restaurants or offices.


MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) also consists of a chipboard core but is less dense than HPL. Hence, it makes a very cost-effective solution. Whilst MFC holds moisture-resistant properties, it is best suited to dry environments with light to medium traffic such as smaller offices.


 To read an to a more in-depth article on each of the materials, click here. 

What are the standard sizes for washrooms and toilet cubicles?

When choosing the size of your washroom, you may need to configure your cubicles between walls or against walls and may need to consider an inline or oversized design. As a requirement, all standard-sized toilet cubicles should have around 450mm diameter of manoeuvring space, with doors typically having an opening of approximately 600mm. The dimensions of a standard toilet cubicle are 850mm wide x 1500mm deep. When considering ambulant disabled or wheelchair accessible cubicles, consider that these dimensions may need to be larger.  For assistance in designing a washroom according to your specific design requirements, try our Design Tool.

What washrooms would best suit my sector?

When choosing the right washroom for your sector, there are several key factors to take into consideration. We recommend considering whether it is a wet or dry environment, the amount of traffic expected and whether you need to conform to a specific colour scheme. To make things easier, we have listed the specifications of some sectors below.


Education – When it comes to education washrooms, safety and durability are paramount. Our washrooms implement innovative features to suit schools and nurseries such as anti-trap hinges and adjustable door heights. From our Tiny Stuff range, designed specifically with small children in mind, to our Quadro range, which is a versatile choice for older education settings, we have this sector covered at Bushboard. If you have found yourself struggling with choosing the right toilet cubicle system for your educational institution, read through our quick guide on this here.


Commercial– The quality of toilet facilities within your commercial environment play a crucial part in representing your business. Therefore, it’s important to choose washrooms that deliver easy-to-use solutions, professional finishes and durability. For example, our Paraline range provides a contemporary feel to any office, and our Definition ColourCoat offers striking colourful options to energise your commercial space.


Healthcare – When choosing washrooms for the healthcare sector, sanitary and hygiene are a top priority. With this in mind, we supply high-quality washroom products that place durability and infection control at the forefront.


Hotel and Luxury– Washrooms for the high-end market need to provide the wow-factor. Within the hotel and luxury sector, we place premium user experiences at the core, taking into consideration high-quality touches that won’t go unnoticed by your guests. For example, our Manhattan provides a luxury flush fronted washroom through a range of stunning veneer finishes.


Leisure – Alongside education and healthcare, this sector requires a strong focus on durability and hygiene in its washrooms. To meet the rigours of the leisure industry, our best-selling Profiles range is highly versatile, conforming to most budgets and making the perfect choice for leisure areas such as changing rooms.


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