When it comes to designing washrooms for sports and leisure environments, there are many important factors to consider. Not only are the aesthetics of your space important, but hygiene and sanitary levels are also paramount in communal spaces. Typically changing room areas have high traffic from its users and designing an area that can withstand rigourus use and consistent, through cleaning regimes is important for longevity of your leisure washroom.

Consider the environment

When designing your washroom consider the size of your space and the volume of traffic expected in the area. The type of leisure washroom can help determine what you need. Swimming pool changing room requirements include using SGL material due to the constant moisture that is present in the environment. Or thinking about what your campsite washroom facilities require, for example, enough shower and toilet cubicles so that users are not waiting around too long for the facilities creating a poor experience. Where as sports changing rooms needs include, enough lockers for players to store their belongings and keep them safe whilst away from the changing room. As well as the needs of the user and environment it is also important to make sure you understand the specific regulations of these areas too.

Changing Room Lockers

When people use communal sports and leisure spaces, access to reliable, high-quality lockers is a must. You may require various locker sizes depending on the needs of your users, offering a mixture in your changing room facilities can cater for all. For example, some may wish to hang coats and bags inside meaning a larger locker is required, whilst some may only need a small space. There is also the locking mechanism to think about within your facilities. In gym changing rooms users may want to use a padlock that they can bring with them. For swimming pool lockers then a coin return supplied with numbered key wristbands may be appropriate. We design our lockers with flexibility in mind, with many options of different sizes, lock types and colours available.

Changing Room Benching

Changing room benches are an invaluable part of changing and leisure facilties. Within your washroom, it is important to have a place to sit down and place bags on. If your changing room bench is in a wet environment such as shower areas and swimming pools then SGL is the desired material as it is completely impervious to water. Additions such as coat rails and shoe racks are also appreciated features. From the Cantilever Bench to the Freestanding Bench, we have a wide selection of benches to suit every need. For a combination of locker and bench, consider our locker bench, a cost effective and compact solution for your space.

Toilet facilities

Whether your sports washrooms are in a school, swimming pool or public sports area, including toilets is a must. Toilets for sports faciltiies must be durable, hygienic, and able to withstand high levels of traffic. Depending on the age range of your users, you should also consider factors such as door height for privacy, anti-trap hinges and anti-vandalism surfaces. Competitively priced and offering functional style, our Quadro range makes an excellent choice.

Changing cubicles

Changing room cubicles allow space for users to have complete privacy without occupying the toilet cubicle facilities for others. To increase the level of privacy, full height cubicles could be considered. We also offer the option of privacy skirting on some of our cubicle ranges,  Keeping with the design of the toilet facilities can give your leisure washroom a consistent, flawless feel throughout the space. 

Shower cubicles

Depending on the users your leisure washrooms might want to offer shower cubicles. When designing your shower cubicles these will always need to be in SGL material as they will be constantly be in contact with water. SGL is totally imperious to water and so it will ensure that the moisture on the panels will not deteriorate the material over time. All of Bushboard's range of toilet cubicles are also available to be specified as shower cubicles meaning that you have a wide range of options and colours available to you.

Finishing touches

Alongside the fundamental requirements for your leisure and sports washrooms, don’t forget the additional features that will make your space inviting and accessible for all. Handy features such as coat hooks and door signage increase the usability of your space, meaning that people can flow through your space as seamlessly as possible. 


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