Campsite washrooms present a unique challenge compared to those in other sectors, whether you are designing a new washroom or refurbishing your existing facilities. This includes the use of space and style choices, but also considerations over maintenance and toughness to withstand high traffic in a wet area. Whatever your needs, here at Bushboard Washrooms we are here to help guide you through some of the key things you will need to think about when it comes to designing the ideal washroom for your campsite.

Durability & Maintenance

Campsites and campsite washrooms experience consistently high usage, arguably more so than comparable school or leisure center washrooms as campsites are expected to provide a broader range of washing needs for different visitors day-to-day. To handle this, your campsite washroom needs to be easy to maintain and suitably designed for such use.

An easy place to start is with deciding what materials to use, and you would be hard-pressed to find a better solution than solid grade laminate (SGL). Not only is SGL highly durable and tough, it stands out from other options as it is 100% impervious to water, making it excellent in high-use wet environments such as shower areas.


Hygiene is particularly important as we work our way out of COVID-19. Not only are your campsite washrooms frequently used, but those who use them will be visiting from all across the UK. This makes it vital for you to control and minimize the spread of bacteria across your campsite within communal areas such as washrooms. SGL being easy to wipe down makes sanitizing washrooms easier, but innovative solutions, including no-touch technology (such as sensor flushes and taps), can also reduce the transmission of germs.


Campsite washrooms and showers need to be functional and able to cope with heavy traffic, but that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice aesthetics. We have experience designing and refurbishing 5-star quality washrooms for campsites that don’t sacrifice quality and durability. Keep in mind choices such as partition height between showers as well as opportunities for innovative layout designs to help the flow of traffic seamlessly pass through your washrooms, helping to give your facilities a more refined feel that minimizes the spread of germs.

The use of high-quality materials certainly helps to create a long-lasting washroom that wows customers. Once again, we can look to SGL, which creates a unique and modern look thanks to its black, polished, radiused edges. It is also available in 34 different laminate colours, giving you flexibility in your design to make it custom to your campsite.

How can Bushboard help you?

Designing a new or updated washroom comes with several key considerations. At Bushboard, we pride ourselves on supplying washroom equipment designed to last and suit any and all customer needs. If you are looking for help designing your premises or want more information on our range of products, get in touch or head over to our free design tool today to get started.