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How many toilets per person in a school?


The requirement for how many toilets per person in a school varies depending on the age of the pupils. This blog will take you through the Department for Education advice.

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How Can I Involve Pupils in the School Toilet Design?


If your school is looking to update your school washroom facilities then take this as an opportunity to get your pupils involved in the design process.

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The Profiles Range Goes Back to School!


Our Profiles toilet cubicle range goes back to school. Read more about the features of this exciting range.

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Complete guide to Department For Education school toilet regulations


Read our guidance on the Department for Education school toilet regulations and how to comply.

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How to choose the right Duct Panel System for you


This article will take you through the various options available when choosing a duct panel system for your washroom.

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What do you need to think about for your campsite washrooms?


Here are some of the most important factors for you to consider when designing your campsites washroom.

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What do you need in your sports and leisure washrooms?


With more people returning to sports and leisure environments, it's important to make sure your washroom facilities are reliable and meet the necessary requirements for their users.

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How can your facilities comply with school toilet regulations?


There are school toilet regulations put in place to keep students and staff safe. This article will help you ensure you are adhering to guidelines set by the Department for Education.

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SGL, HPL or MFC? What’s the right material for my washroom?


Learn about the different materials that are available for your new washroom.

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5 things to consider when choosing a toilet cubicle system for your school


Choosing the right education system for your school is important. Our top 5 considerations should help!

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What are toilet cubicles made of?


Find out about materials, sizes, suitable sectors and much more.

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Bushboard is pleased to launch 9 BRAND NEW sleek laminate colours


The latest laminate colour has been carefully considered by the Bushboard team, ensuring we continue to offer the most requested and on-trend colours to our customers.

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Top 5 Unexpected Projects and Locations


Here's just a few projects that really got our imagination going!

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Create your NBS specification in seconds


Create an NBS specification in seconds using our new Washroom Specification Tool

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*Brand New* Black Laminate for Commercial Washrooms


Choose our new Black laminate for commercial washrooms with wow-factor

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My Signature Washroom


The Bushboard Washrooms staff design their Signature Washrooms using the website Design Tool. Design yours today, save to your account and share with friends and colleagues.

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Handwashing in schools


Handwashing guide for schools

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Handwash station options


Choosing the best handwash station for your school

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Healthcare units brighten up healthcare settings


HBN 00-10 compliant healthcare units add colour to healthcare settings

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Choosing the best fit healthcare boxed out unit


Healthcare boxed out units meeting NHS trusts’ demand and preference

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School Washrooms Checklist


Updating your school toilets?

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Vanity units get revamp with 6 new colours


Introducing 6 new Solid Surface colours for vanity units

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Bushboard’s New Colour Selector


Adding 21 new colours

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Bushboards exclusive ColourCoat colours


ColourCoat colours available now!

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NEW! Real Wood Veneers by Bushboard Washrooms


Real wood veneers to suit every washroom

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NEW! Washroom Colour Range by Bushboard Washrooms


Dont miss out!

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Loos for Do’s choose Bushboard Washrooms


Loos for Do’s showcase Bushboard trailers at Newbury Showground

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Why Should You Choose Bushboard’s RPM?


Here at Bushboard, we are very proud of our Ready Plumbed Modules. RPM is an unrivalled pre-plumbed IPS system which saves our customers time, money and guarantees factory precision every time. No...

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RIBA Approved Healthcare CPD


""Healthcare units, healthcare sanitaryware, healthcare regulations… Specifying sanitary assemblies for healthcare environments can be a bit of a minefield! Bushboard’s latest healthcare CPD will...

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The optimum pre-plumbed duct system


""Bushboard Washroom Systems have developed the design of their Ready Plumbed Module™ (RPM) framing system to deliver improved panel alignment, simpler on-site installation and a reduction in the...

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RIBA Approved Washroom CPD


""Do you specify washrooms? Yes! Then look no further… Bushboard’s brand new washroom CPD is the only thing you need to specify washroom toilet cubicles, ducting and vanity units correctly. The...

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Bushboard’s New Healthcare Brochure


Bushboard’s new healthcare brochure is hot off the press!

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Ready Plumbed Modules: Cut Costs without Cutting Standards


""Bushboard Washrooms has evolved its tried and trusted RPM system to deliver its most economical, well designed pre-plumbed system to date. Originally launched nearly 10 years ago, Bushboard Ready...

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Well Designed Washrooms for Everyone!


Bushboard Washrooms has always prided itself on providing well designed washrooms for everyone, and the latest offering is no exception.

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Bushboard Develop Pre-Plumbed Units for Mental Healthcare


Bushboard Develop Pre-Plumbed Units for Mental Healthcare At Bushboard we are no strangers to specialty applications, so when we were tasked to designing a range of pre-plumbed washroom units...

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