There's lots of things to consider when updating your school toilets.

Here’s your step-by-step instructions on how to measure the area, what we will need from you and the process to follow:

1. Layout

To quote your new school washrooms, firstly we need to know the layout of the room. There are a few things we’ll need from you but don’t panic, if you’re not sure on any of them, our team can talk you through each step. We may even be able to get someone out to measure for you.

  • Overall room dimensions including floor to ceiling height
  • Floorplan of the room including window positions
  • A plan of the existing washroom layout. If it’s not currently a washroom then we’ll need to know the position of drainage and entrance door
  • Remember, in a row of 4 cubicles, one should be enlarged for ambulant disabled users

2. Product

Whether you are after a whole school washroom refurb or just the cubicles or vanity units, there’s lots of products to choose from. Our sales team are on hand to help you every step of the way, from recommending best fit products to helping you meet Department for Education guidelines.

3. Quotation

Once you’ve chosen what you’d like, our estimators will quote it for you. Quotations take up to 4 working days. Our sales team will walk you through your quote and amend if necessary.

4. Order

You’ve chosen your products and you’re happy with the quotation – now it’s time to place your order. From point of order, delivery will take 3 weeks or 4 if you choose to have drawings for approval. Your port of call has now changed from sales to our Customer Services and CAD department.

5. Colours

Colours can be chosen after the order has been placed. There are 36 colours and 3 fun prints to choose from. This is a good opportunity for pupil involvement. The Department for Education recommends pupil involvement, giving pupils a sense of ownership in their washrooms and less likely to vandalise them

6. Installation

Finally, your school washrooms are ready to be made and delivered. We are supply only but if you’d like us to speak to our highly experienced Preferred Installers we can get you a supply and fit price at quotation stage.