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Created with the busiest of washroom environments in mind, our Baseline toilet cubicle offers a high-quality finish at an affordable price. Available in Bushboard’s extensive range of laminate colours, it is a simple yet stylish choice.

Baseline Toilet Cubicle

Our best-seller, Profiles is an adaptable choice to suit most budgets and environments. Customisable to meet your needs, Profiles can be specified with integral cubicle benching for changing cubicles, or with a curtain rail for shower cubicles.

Profiles Toilet Cubicle

Designed to be user-friendly, Quadro is a cost-effective yet stylish solution suitable for all washroom environments. Available in 34 contemporary colours, skirting can also be added to Quadro for additional privacy.

Quadro Toilet Cubicle

Stylishly designed to offer ultimate washroom privacy, HiZone is a full-height toilet cubicle system making it the ideal solution for offices and commercial washrooms.

HiZone Toilet Cubicle

Designed and decorated with tiny hands and feet in mind, Tiny Stuff is the perfect addition to any nursery or infant school. With anti-finger trap hinges and low height doors, Tiny Stuff puts safety at the forefront of its washroom design.

Tiny Stuff Toilet Cubicle

Developed with children in mind, the Kids Stuff range for primary school toilets make for a fun and safe washroom environment.

Kids Stuff Toilet Cubicle

Designed specifically to meet the needs of the everyday school environment, Tough Stuff is a robust yet flexible toilet cubicle. Featuring sturdy wall and floor fixings, Tough Stuff is ideal for junior and secondary schools.

Tough Stuff Toilet Cubicle

HiZone For Schools is a full height toilet cubicle that offers full privacy. Compliant with Department for Education Regulations, this style is the perfect addition to any secondary school, college or university.

HiZone For Schools Toilet Cubicle

As a flexible and cost-effective solution for younger ages, Profiles Kids can be customised to suit any environment, with the option to adapt for use as a toilet or changing and shower cubicle.

Profiles Kids Toilet Cubicle

Simple yet stylishly designed, Definition exudes washroom sophistication. Available in HPL and SGL, in a range of contemporary colours, this flush-fronted toilet cubicle offers the highest quality.

Definition Toilet Cubicle

Definition ColourCoat is a stylish flush-fronted cubicle, with doors manufactured from a high-performance MDF. Choose from 10 contemporary colours for a stylish finish.

Definition ColourCoat Toilet Cubicle

Designed with modernity in mind, Paraline combines style with luxury. Choose from either Light Grey or Stainless Steel fittings for an on-trend washroom.

Paraline Toilet Cubicle

Designed for the modern washroom, Aero is available with either Light Grey or Stainless Steel fittings to create a simple yet sophisticated design.

Aero Toilet Cubicle

Offering the very best in luxury washrooms, Manhattan is available in a choice of laminates, Real Wood Veneer or flawless ColourCoat pigmented lacquer.

Manhattan Toilet Cubicle

Economical and durable, the Fast Track cubicle is a practical choice for dry environments. Delivered quickly and packed ready to assemble on site, the Fast Track can be customised to suit your requirements.

Fast Track (48 hour delivery)