HiZone Overpanel

Secondary school toilet cubicle

Developed in response to the growing requirement for added privacy in the washroom, HiZone™ is a sturdy full height secondary school toilet cubicle system finished at floor level with aluminium skirting channels and low floor clearance to doors. HiZone™ secondary school toilet cubicle is also ideal for colleges and universities. HiZone is available with door and overpanel or with full height door.

Product Code: HiZone_2_Overpanel
  • Finish: Laminate
  • Performance: MFC, HPL, SGL
  • Pilasters: To match performance specification
  • Cubicle Hardware: Satin Anodised Aluminium with Light Grey ABS Lock
  • Overall Height: Maximum: 2770mm
  • Ceiling Clearance: Minimum: 10mm
  • Floor Clearance: Door: 5mm, Partition: To the floor (with privacy skirting)
  • Laminate Options: 34 laminate colours
  • 34 Laminate Colours
  • MFC Melamine Faced Chipboard is suitable for medium-to-light use. We recommend opting for MFC in dry areas.
  • HPL High Pressure Laminate is perfect for medium-to-heavy use in dry areas and provides a versatile solution for all sectors.
  • SGL Solid Grade Laminate can withstand heavy usage. We recommend SGL for unrivalled strength and durability, specifically in wet areas.
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