Luxury flush fronted toilet cubicle

Flush fronted 44mm doors and pilasters, hardwood lipped on all edges and faced with a choice of stunning Real Wood Veneer or flawless ColourCoat pigmented lacquer or High Pressure Laminate. Luxury washrooms don't get any better than this. 

Product Code: Manhattan_1
  • Finish: Laminate, Veneer, ColourCoat, ColourCoat High Gloss
  • Performance: Heavy Duty Particle Board | Hardwood Lipped
  • Doors and Pilasters: 44mm
  • Partitions: 18mm
  • Fittings: Satin Anodised Aluminium with thumb turn mortise lock
  • Heights: Standard height: 2020mm (overall height) | Bespoke heights available
  • Door Clearance: Standard height: 50mm | Bespoke/Full height: 10mm, Partition: to floor with 50mm privacy skirting
  • Ceiling Clearance: Minimum 30mm
  • ColourCoat Options: Any RAL colour, standard or high gloss
  • Laminate Options: 34 laminate colours
  • Veneer Options: 11 Real Wood Veneers
  • 34 Laminate Colours
  • 11 Real Wood Veneers
  • ColourCoat in any RAL Colour
  • ColourCoat High Gloss in any RAL Colour
  • Solid Core Particle Board, Hardwood Lipped
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