Paraline Platinum

High quality toilet cubicle

Simple, sleek and modern. Paraline Platinum™ is a high quality toilet cubicle featuring beautifully crafted streamlined pilasters and headrail, bringing you a truly contemporary washroom system that is solid, strong and ultra stylish. The crisp, clean extruded aluminium pilasters and headrail in elegant brushed Stainless Steel effect bring you the optimum high quality toilet cubicle.

Product Code: Paraline_Platinum_1
  • Finish: Laminate, Real Wood Veneer
  • Performance: MFC, HPL, SGL or Real Wood Veneer
  • Fittings: Stainless Steel Grade 316
  • Heights: Standard – : 2020mm, Floor to ceiling, Bespoke heights available
  • Floor Clearance: 20mm
  • Ceiling Clearance: Standard height variable, Bespoke height with headrail 30mm min, Bespoke height ceiling fix 150mm min
  • Veneer Options: 11 Real Wood Veneers
  • Headrail: Aluminium in brushed stainless steel effect (satin anodised finish with SGL material)
  • Laminate Options: 34 laminate colours
  • 34 Laminate Colours
  • 11 Real Wood Veneers
  • MFC Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) is a moisture-resistant material perfect for medium-to-light use in dry areas.
  • HPL Perfect for more intense usage, High Pressure Laminate (HPL) provides a versatile solution for all forms of washrooms.
  • SGL Washrooms often require materials which can withstand heavy usage. Bushboard recommends Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) for unrivalled strength and durability, particularly in wet areas.
  • Real Wood Veneer Bushboard Washrooms’ selection of real wood veneers provide a luxurious solution for WC cubicles and duct panelling.
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