Semi-Recessed Vanity Unit

Slim and stylish, our semi-recessed vanity units are ideal for areas where space is tight.

The universal style makes these simple yet functional units perfect for any washroom environment. Semi-recessed vanities are also the perfect specification for nursery schools and primary school washrooms, their slim style and semi-recessed basins make taps easy to reach for young children. Specify your semi-recessed vanity as a Ready Plumbed Module™, Ezeevanity™ or Panel Only vanity.

Product Code: SemiRecessed_Vanity
  • Bed Heights: Adult: 800mm, Junior: 750mm, Infant: 675mm, Nursery: 600mm
  • Bed Depth: 355mm
  • Downstand: 300mm
  • SGL Dimensions: Upstand (optional): 115mm
  • Solid Surface Dimensions: Upstand (optional): 75mm
  • 34 Laminate Colours
  • 10 Solid Surface Options
  • HPL Perfect for more intense usage, High Pressure Laminate (HPL) provides a versatile solution for all forms of washrooms.
  • SGL Washrooms often require materials which can withstand heavy usage. Bushboard recommends Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) for unrivalled strength and durability, particularly in wet areas.
  • Solid Surface Solid Surface is manufactured from an advanced composition of minerals and acrylic polymer that delivers a seamless finish to vanity tops and is exceptionally hardwearing.
  • MFC Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) is a moisture-resistant material perfect for medium-to-light use in dry areas.