Solid Surface Counter Top Vanity Unit

Smart and hardwearing, our counter top vanity units create depth and deliver additional space.

Counter top vanities are the perfect specification for washrooms where the user requires more space on the vanity top for handbags or washbags, such as in a campsite washroom or changing room.

Product Code: SolidSurface_Counter_Top_Vanity
  • Solid Surface Dimensions: Bed depth: 555mm
  • Solid Surface Dimensions: Downstand: 100mm
  • Solid Surface Dimensions: Upstand (optional): 75mm
  • 10 Solid Surface Options
  • 34 Laminate Colours
  • Solid Surface Solid Surface is manufactured from an advanced composition of minerals and acrylic polymer that delivers a seamless finish to vanity tops and is exceptionally hardwearing.
  • MFC Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) is a moisture-resistant material perfect for medium-to-light use in dry areas.
  • HPL Perfect for more intense usage, High Pressure Laminate (HPL) provides a versatile solution for all forms of washrooms.
  • SGL Washrooms often require materials which can withstand heavy usage. Bushboard recommends Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) for unrivalled strength and durability, particularly in wet areas.
Solid Surface Counter Top Vanity Unit in white