Bidet Assembly (BD H)

Ensuites, Bathrooms

Bidet Assembly

Bidets are generally used by patients in clinical areas - most commonly in maternity departments

According to HBN 00-10 

The appliance should be rimless, ensuring they are easy to clean with no hidden dirt traps. A sensor tap operation is preferable and water should be supplied over the rim. The water supply should be controlled by a TMV3-approved thermostatic mixing valve to prevent scalding, the waste should be flush-grated so that it cannot take a plug and all services should be concealed.  

Bidets are not considered appropriate for independent wheelchair users because of the difficulty in transferring between the wheelchair, toilets and bidet.

HBN Code: BD H

•                 Ensuites

•                 Bathrooms

  • Rimless
  • Sensor operated
  • Flush grated waste
  • No plug
  • Services concealed
Bidet Assembly
Bidet Assembly