A guide on everything you need to know when choosing the correct material for your washroom

When it comes to choosing your washroom cubicles, vanity unit and duct panels, the first thing you need to consider is the material. Each of our material options – SGL, HPL and MFC – have their own features and benefits and are all available in our 36 different laminate colours.

SGL (Solid Grade Laminate - also known as Compact Grade Laminate)

In the office, we refer to SGL as ‘bulletproof’. This amazing material is totally water and liquid proof, it is super strong and has a unique modern look with black edges which are polished and radiused.

SGL is HBN-0010 compliant, making it perfect for healthcare sanitary assemblies. It is also the best choice for any areas with high usage such as service stations and campsites, areas where vandalism may be an issue – it’s a great choice for school toilets – and a total must for any wet areas.

SGL – The Facts

Bushboard’s SGL is 13mm thick and has a high density of 1400kg/metre cubed, it is completely impervious to liquid and suitable for the most demanding environments where strength and/or water resistance are needed. Edges are black and polished and radiused as standard.

HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) 

HPL is made from moisture resistant chipboard with water-resistant laminate faces and matching lipping.

A popular choice, HPL will withstand medium to intense use, making it the perfect specification for schools toilets, offices and restaurants. HPL isn’t suitable for areas which are constantly wet such as leisure centres and campsite changing rooms.

HPL – The Facts

Bushboard’s HPL is 18mm thick and has a density of 680kg/metre cubed, it is moisture-resistant chipboard and suitable for dry environments with more intense use. HPL panels are supplied square-edged with matching 1mm PVC lipping or postformed vertical edges.

MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) 

MFC is the most cost-effective of all Bushboard’s materials. MFC offers the same great look as HPL with laminate faces and matching lipping but with a slightly less dense core.

MFC is the perfect choice for washrooms with light to medium use such as smaller offices.

A controlled cleaning regime is important with MFC, the laminate face is moisture resistant but if the water sits on the material for any length of time it could pass through into the chipboard core, over time this could cause the vanity unit, toilet cubicle or panel to fail.

MFC – The Facts

Bushboard’s high-performance MFC is 18mm thick has a density of 650kg/metre cubed, it is moisture-resistant and suitable for dry environments with light to medium use. MFC panels supplied square-edged with matching 1mm PVC lipping.