Having an understanding of standard toilet cubicle sizes ensures comfort, privacy and accessibility in commercial washrooms. Whether you are an architect, contractor or end user, this blog is your guide to standard toilet cubicle dimensions for your next washroom installation project.

Standard Toilet Cubicle Sizes in the UK

The typical standard toilet cubicle sizes in the UK range from 700mm to 800mm in width and 1200mm to 1600mm in depth.  There must be a clear 450 diameter manoeuvring space between the WC and door swing, so we suggest that the toilet cubicle door measures between 600mm to 700mm in width. All of these standard toilet cubicle dimensions have been carefully calculated to balance privacy and ease of use, allowing for straightforward entry and exit while preserving personal space.

Ambulant Toilet Cubicle Sizes in the UK

Ambulant toilet cubicle dimensions allow for individuals with reduced mobility who may not use a wheelchair but still require extra space or support in the washroom. These toilet cubicles are equipped with grab rails so the dimensions of the toilet cubicle must allow for these to be in reach from the WC on both sides.

Taking accessible handrails into consideration, ambulant toilet cubicle sizes must be 900mm to 1000mm wide and 1500mm to 1800mm deep. The toilet cubicle doors should be wider than standard toilet cubicle dimensions, typically measuring around 800mm to 900mm, allowing for easier entry and exit.

Enlarged Toilet Cubicle Sizes in the UK

Enlarged toilet cubicle sizes provide enough space for a wheelchair user to comfortably enter, turn and position themselves in front of the toilet to then transfer. The dimensions of the toilet cubicle must be 1200mm to 1500mm wide and 1500mm to 1800mm deep. The toilet cubicle doors are typically wider, measuring around 900mm to 1000mm.

The space provided can also be used as a baby change facility with a changing unit that can be folded up when not in use.

Optimising the Washroom for Users

While compliance with toilet cubicle regulations is crucial, it is equally important to consider your specific spatial requirements. Customising your washroom layout to accommodate your unique space and the needs of your users can elevate their experience and distinguish your facility. It is important to always consider Approved Document M regulations are met to ensure that every individual is able to access sanitary conveniences. 

Whether you are designing washrooms for a restaurant, office, school or shopping centre, your toilet cubicle dimensions can significantly enhance user satisfaction. By adhering to the regulations while considering the unique needs of your space and visitors you can create a washroom design that leaves a last impression.


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Technical CAD drawing of standard toilet cubicle sizes in washrooms, featuring standard, enlarged and ambulant toilet cubicles, all showing measurements.