Trust System

Flush fronted healthcare boxed out unit

Trust System healthcare IPS Unit with HBN compliant healthcare sanitaryware including a wall hung clinical basin and thermostatic lever healthcare tap on 'pastel blue' panels.
Trust System Healthcare IPS exploded Imagery with annotations highlighting key features such as HBN compliant healthcare sanitaryware and brassware, rebated hatches and tie back rods.

Our Trust System is a flush fronted healthcare IPS unit. The boxed out unit is a totally seamless design that incorporates two hinged, lockable access hatches with neoprene hygiene seals. The Trust System features flush fitted corner extrusions to protect vulnerable edges whilst ensuring stringent healthcare regulatory demands are met for an ‘Impervious, smooth and seamless’ finish.

The Trust System healthcare IPS unit is fitted quickly using toggles to click simply into provided wall channels, it also uses tie back rods for added strength. Bushboard healthcare boxed out units are available fully pre-plumbed and tested, making them quick and easy to install and totally compliant with HBN 00-10 Part C.

  1. Trust box system: Factory assembled, flush fronted box fabricated from solid grade laminate. Impact resistant and 100% impervious to liquids. Variable depth to accommodate service requirements.
  2. Aluminium channel: Aluminium full length channels fix the box securely to the wall for quick and easy installation.
  3. Corner Extrusions: Flush fitted, smooth and easy to clean aluminium corner extrusions for protection of vulnerable edges and seamless joining of panels.
  4. Tie backs: Threaded rod tie back system for extra, secure mounting.
  5. Access hatch: Wide access hatches to services behind. Easy to clean surface and lockable with suited keys for security.
  6. Hatch rebate: Rebated hatch doors means when closed a flush-fronted, seamless box is achieved.
  7. Hinges: 160 degree opening hinge for easy access to services.
  8. Neoprene seal: Neoprene hygiene seal around door hatch to promote infection control.
  9. Brassware: WRAS compliant brassware specifically chosen to meet the requirements of HBN 00-10 Part C. Units are tested for leakage in a controlled factory environment prior to delivery, ensuring no disruption on site.
  10. Sanitaryware to suit specification: A dedicated range of healthcare sanitaryware carefully selected to meet the requirements of HBN 00-10 Part C.
  • Material: Solid Grade Laminate with a postformed laminated face
  • Overall Height: Floor to ceiling only. Maximum: 2780mm (fixed ceiling including 40mm aluminium fixing trim), 2680mm (suspended ceiling)
  • Total Width: Maximum: 1550mm (with two return ends), 1800mm (with one return end)
  • Depth: 150mm or 225mm (depending on service requirements)
  • Colours: 34 laminate colours
  • Trust System Material Trust System Material Specification to achieve postformed boxed out unit details, Solid Grade Laminate with postformed laminated face.