Washtrough for Schools

Centurus Slim Solid Surface Washtrough

Solid Surface Washtrough for Schools in 'Elysian' white finish with slim design to aid hand washing with deck mounted sensor mixer taps. Vanity unit under panels in Bright Yellow and Blue.
Solid Surface washtrough for Schools CAD drawing showing dimensions

The Centurus Slim Solid Surface Washtrough for Schools features a slim design to simplify hand washing for children. Available at various heights to cater to different age groups needs, without the necessity for steps. In busy school washrooms, especially during peak times like after breaks, these washtroughs prove invaluable. They optimise space utilisation by accommodating multiple taps, enabling simultaneous handwashing and reducing wait times for students. With efficiency and practicality at the forefront, these washtroughs enhance the overall hygiene experience in school environments.


Thermoformed Solid Surface Washtrough

Crafted from our impeccable Solid Surface composite, Bushboard’s Solid Surface washtrough for schools offers a flawless finish renowned for its exceptional durability. Produced with our thermoforming process, the Solid Surface trough sink material is heated and shaped, resulting in units with minimal internal joints. This not only achieves structural robustness but also streamlines cleaning procedures, guaranteeing effortless maintenance and stringent control over cross-contamination in your educational washrooms.


Read our Department for Education School Toilet Regulation Guide to see how to make sure your education washrooms comply.

Product Code: washtrough_for_schools
  • Performance: Trough: Solid Surface, Underpanels: HPL, SGL, Cantilever Brackets
  • Bed Heights: Adult: 800mm, Junior 750mm, Infant: 675mm, Nursery 600mm
  • Bed Depth: 400mm with deck mounted taps, 350mm with wall mounted taps
  • Bed Length: Max length in one section: 3000mm
  • Downstand: 200mm
  • 34 Laminate Colours
  • 12 Standard and 10 Premium Solid Surface Options
  • Solid Surface Solid Surface ensures premium aesthetics and performance for vanities and washtroughs.