Solid Grade Laminate can withstand heavy usage. We recommend SGL for unrivalled strength and durability, specifically in wet areas.

Also known as Compact Grade Laminate, SGL is highly durable and tough. It's strength and water-resistant properties mean it is the perfect specification for healthcare IPS and wet environments, such as projects in the leisure sector including swimming pools or campsites. It is also a great choice for environments with high amounts of traffic, such as service stations or school toilets. Its wipe-clean quality also makes it a sensible choice for an environment prone to vandalism such as public toilets.

Key Facts:

  • 13mm thick
  • The density of 1400kg/metre cubed
  • Black, polished, radiused edges
  • Impervious to liquids
  • Available in 34 laminate colours
  • HBN-0010 compliant (for the Healthcare sector)

Suggested Applications:

  • Healthcare IPS
  • School Washrooms
  • Swimming Pools
  • Campsites
  • Service Stations
  • Public Toilets
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