Plaster Sink Assembly (PS H)

Plaster rooms

FRANKE Stainless Steel Healthcare Plaster Sink with Drainer (Plaster of Paris Sinks)

This Plaster sink top with left hand drainer (right hand drainer available) has a satin polish and incorporates a plaster catcher sump which is prepared for a 38mm waste. HBN and HTM compliant.

HBN recommends

Plaster sinks are typically specified in a clinical area. According to HBN plaster sinks should have a lift-out strainer basket, panel mounted taps and be connected to concealed services. Plaster sinks should have a pair of long lever action taps, allowing the taps to be turned on using the elbow and avoiding contamination. There should be a separate manual control of hot and cold water, taps should have an open nozzle and flow straightener with minimal restriction.

HBN Code: PS H

·        Plaster rooms

·        Plaster catcher/basket and lid supplied (fits into sump in order to prevent loose plaster from entering the waste and casing a blockage)

Plaster Sink Assembly with Panel Mounted Bib Taps
Plaster Sink Assembly with Panel Mounted Bib Taps