Welford Christmas Tree Farm, a family-run business, has been cultivating trees for over 20 years. Originally starting by selling trees at the farm’s entrance, the site has developed and flourished with over 60,000 trees now growing in the ground. While growing various crops throughout the year, the farm undergoes a magical transformation during the Halloween and Christmas seasons, inviting families to handpick their Christmas trees and homemade wreaths to decorate their homes. Welford Christmas Tree Farm has supplied trees and wreaths to prestigious clients, including 10 Downing Street, Fortnum and Mason, Kilworth House and many others.

In early October, Welford Christmas Tree Farm prepared for the Halloween season and an expected surge in visitors, the need for new public toilet cubicles became urgent. With the farm set to open in a few days, a swift solution was paramount. Ben Skinner from 1908 Developments found us online based on a recommendation from his plumber. Recognising that time was of the essence, he opted for our 48 hour delivery, flat pack toilet cubicles, deeming them the perfect fit for the project. Ben efficiently placed his order online through our quick delivery washroom shop. Specifying the desired quantity of flat pack toilet cubicles, the configuration, and preferred colours, he commended the process as “incredibly simple and easy to use”.

Our Fast Track range features flat pack toilet cubicles supplied in MFC material, available for delivery in as little as 48 hours. The ordering process is both swift and straightforward, enabling Ben to finalise his washroom order in under 10 minutes. Requiring minimal input, our system accurately calculates the precise components necessary for the washroom installation. The toilet cubicles arrived on-site flat packed in labelled boxes, complete with clear fitting instructions, enabling immediate installation, complete with clear fitting instructions so that installation could begin immediately.

Ben, at 1908 Developments, found the overall service fantastic and would strongly recommend our online shop to others. He also appreciated the availability of our dedicated Fast Track representative by phone which was very reassuring for his first time purchase. Farm owner Will was equally pleased with the new toilet cubicles and now believed they were well-prepared for the busy winter months ahead at Welford Christmas Tree Farm.


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Video footage of Welford Christmas Tree Farm showing the fast track toilet cubicle with 48 hour quick delivery
Fast Track 48 Hour Fast Delivery, Flat Pack Toilet Cubicle in Light Grey with dark grey fittings.
Fast Track 48 Hour Fast Delivery, Flat Pack Toilet Cubicle in Light Grey with dark grey fittings.
Inside Fast Track Toilet Cubicle with BTW WC and push button flush with split partition panels
Fast Track Toilet Cubicle with Light Grey Hinge into Dark Grey door channel
Fast Track Toilet Cubicle with Light Grey Hinge into Dark Grey door channel
Back to Wall WC with Push Button Flush
Fast Track Flat pack toilet cubicle showing partition split with channel and light grey hinge.
Quick delivery fast track flat pack toilet cubicle
Fast Track Toilet Cubicle Door in light grey with dark grey toilet cubicle sliding lock and urinal in background
Pumpkin cardboard cut out with Welford Christmas tree Farm logo and pumpkin picking field behind.
Shelf with various size pumpkins with spider halloween decoration on the wall behind
Field showing Christmas trees growing