Why include your students in the school toilet design?

Asking your students to put forward their suggestions can have a positive impact on the way the washrooms are treated after installation. The Department of Education suggests that the students will take ownership for the building and therefore it will reduce vandalism and bad behaviour.

Different ages will require different levels of interaction and involvement so it is important to consider this when asking your pupils to put forward their opinions.

Starting the school toilet design process

To start off it might be a good idea to speak to the children. Ask them to tell you what they like or don’t like about the toilets. It could be the washroom cleanliness, in this case you could work on implementing a strict cleaning regime of the new school washrooms.

If the children suggest they have safety concerns then work together to resolve the issues, for example including anti-finger trap hinges. It could be the colour scheme isn’t what they would choose. All this information can be used towards the next school toilet design. It will mean that the children feel involved and have school washroom facilities that they feel they want and need.

Early Years & Key Stage 1 toilets

The best way to involve nursery and Key Stage 1 children in the school toilet design would be to appeal to their senses. This could mean showing the children the colour options and asking each individual to choose their favourite.

Using our Washroom Design Tool feature, the cubicle range and colour scheme can be composed into a visual example. Your school or nursery could create ‘options’ for the pupils to pick from. Pinning these to a wall and asking the children to place a sticker on their favourite school washroom design. This gives a fair approach to determining which cubicle design to go for and also an effective way of teaching democracy.

We are able to manufacture the doors in different colours. Pupils could then pick to use the toilet with their favourite colour. It could be used as a teaching method by asking them to use a certain cubicle door colour.

Primary School toilets

Within Primary Schools (Key Stage 2) the level of engagement can be increased from Early Years. Still allowing for the children to put forward their views. Giving the pupils the chance to draw their own school washroom design. Let them get creative and push the boundaries - nothing is off limits. Alternatively, print out a blank washroom design for the pupils to colour in with their favourite colours.

The best idea can be chosen from the group and inspiration can be taken from the colours and themes used. This can be transferred from the page to our Washroom Design Tool to create the closest match.

Secondary School toilets

With Secondary Schools involving everybody in the design process can be difficult. Many schools have a student council, this can be a prime opportunity to hear what students have to say about the new secondary school toilets.

Asking for suggestions on colour schemes, toilet cubicle designs, and what the students would expect from the school washrooms. This can create an overall impression of what the Secondary School requires. For example, Fairfield High School council selected their most important factors to be vibrant, modern, mature and bright. From this they were then able to pick the products and colours to fit this description.

For example, if the student council is working towards promoting anti-bullying and a safe space for students. Then full height WC partitions and cubicle doors like our HiZone for Schools range will be the best bet! We have a specification manager who can help you decide on the best washroom system for you depending on your needs.

What to do next

Whether the aim is to create an engaging space or discourage vandalism and misconduct. The focus of involving the students in the school washroom design is to encourage maturity and responsibility.

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