Quadro Toilet Cubicle

Toilet Cubicle System

Quadro toilet cubicle and semi-recessed vanity unit with an upstand in 'Lime Green' and 'Mid Grey' colour
Baseline toilet cubicle with 'Mid Grey' pilaster and 'Lime Green' partition with silver pedestal foot
Quadro toilet cubicle with 'Mid Grey' pilaster and 'Lime Green' door with silver lock faceplate
Quadro toilet cubicle with 'Mid Grey' pilasters and 'Lime Green' doors with light grey sliding lock body
Quadro toilet cubicle with 'Mid Grey' pilaster and 'Lime Green' door with silver headrail

Competitively priced and offering functional style, Quadro™ toilet cubicle system is a universal solution, ideal for any washroom environment. The distinctive quadrant foot and headrail deliver strength and style, whilst optional aluminium privacy skirting delivers additional privacy. Quadro™ is the perfect choice for most sectors.

Product Code: Quadro_1
  • Finish: Laminate
  • Performance: MFC, HPL, SGL
  • Pilasters: To match performance specification
  • Cubicle Hardware: Satin Anodised Aluminium with Light Grey ABS Lock
  • Floor Clearance: Standard: 100mm | With privacy skirting - Door: 50mm, Partition: to the floor
  • Standard Height: 2145mm (overall height)
  • Laminate Options: 34 laminate colours
  • 34 Laminate Colours
  • MFC Melamine Faced Chipboard is suitable for medium-to-light use. We recommend opting for MFC in dry areas.
  • HPL High Pressure Laminate is perfect for medium-to-heavy use in dry areas and provides a versatile solution for all sectors.
  • SGL Solid Grade Laminate can withstand heavy usage. We recommend SGL for unrivalled strength and durability, specifically in wet areas.
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