Tiny Stuff

Nursery toilet cubicle

Designed specifically for nursery and infant school children in two height options, Tiny Stuff™ is a fun, safe and reliable nursery toilet cubicle secured with sturdy floor and wall channels for stability. Tiny Stuff™ features floor-mounted pilasters and sturdy wall fixings to ensure robustness, anti-finger trap hinges for added safety and low height doors with no headrail for easy supervision. Tiny Stuff™ has shaped doors and pilasters are which are so much fun!

Read our Department for Education School Toilet Regulation Guide to see how to make sure your education washrooms comply.

Product Code: Tiny_Stuff_1
  • Finish: Laminate
  • Performance: MFC, HPL, SGL
  • Pilasters and Doors: Crescent pilaster with curvy door | Arrowhead pilaster with angle door to match performance specification
  • Cubicle Hardware: Light Grey Powder Coated Aluminium with Light Grey ABS Lock
  • Hinges: Anti finger-trap as standard
  • Door Heights: 1050mm | 1250mm (to top of door/partition including floor clearance)
  • Floor Clearance: 100mm
  • Headrail: No headrail for easy access and supervision
  • Laminate Options: 34 laminate colours, 3 digital prints (HPL only)
  • 34 Laminate Colours
  • 3 Digital Prints (HPL Only)
  • MFC Melamine Faced Chipboard is suitable for medium-to-light use. We recommend opting for MFC in dry areas.
  • HPL High Pressure Laminate is perfect for medium-to-heavy use in dry areas and provides a versatile solution for all sectors.
  • SGL Solid Grade Laminate can withstand heavy usage. We recommend SGL for unrivalled strength and durability, specifically in wet areas.
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