Tiny Stuff

Nursery toilet cubicle

Designed specifically for nursery and infant school children in two height options, Tiny Stuff™ is a fun, safe and reliable nursery toilet cubicle secured with sturdy floor and wall channels for stability. Tiny Stuff™ features floor-mounted pilasters and sturdy wall fixings to ensure robustness, anti-finger trap hinges for added safety and low height doors with no headrail for easy supervision. Tiny Stuff™ has shaped doors and pilasters are which are so much fun!

Product Code: Tiny_Stuff_1
  • Finish: Laminate
  • Performance: MFC, HPL, SGL
  • Pilasters and Doors: Crescent pilaster with curvy door, Arrowhead pilaster with angle door to match performance specification
  • Fittings: Light Grey
  • Hinges: Anti finger-trap as standard
  • Door Heights: 950mm, 1150mm
  • Headrail: No headrail for easy access and supervision
  • Laminate Options: 34 laminate colours, 3 digital prints (HPL only)
  • 34 Laminate Colours
  • 3 Digital Prints (HPL Only)
  • MFC Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) is a moisture-resistant material perfect for medium-to-light use in dry areas.
  • HPL Perfect for more intense usage, High Pressure Laminate (HPL) provides a versatile solution for all forms of washrooms.
  • SGL Washrooms often require materials which can withstand heavy usage. Bushboard recommends Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) for unrivalled strength and durability, particularly in wet areas.
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