Clinical Basin Assembly (LB H M)

Treatment rooms, Consulting rooms

Clinical wash hand basin

HBN and HTM compliant. A clinical wash hand basin should be installed in all clinical areas. 

The typical requirements for a clinical wash hand basin include

  • Integral back outlet
  • Washing under running water (therefore no plug)
  • Wall-mounted single-lever-action or sensor tap (with single self-draining spout)
  • TMV3-approved thermostatic mixing valve (either fitted directly to tap or integral within it)
  • Connection to conceal services
HBN Code: LB H M

•                 Treatment room

•                 Consulting rooms

•                 No tap hole or overflow

•                 Back outlet for fully concealed pipework and fixings

•                 HBN compliant

•                 HTM compliant

Basin Assembly
Basin Assembly